Boston Reimagined: Map Shows City’s Many ‘Hills,’ ‘Villes,’ and ‘Ills’

A map in the latest issue of ArchitectureBoston has given Boston an interesting facelift by assigning new monikers to different neighborhoods and nearby towns.

Woman Allegedly Offered $700 Buttock Injections

Valentina Perez Tavarez, 37, was indicted on federal charges that she allegedly offered buttock- and lip-augmentation injections using an improperly-labeled liquid from Colombia.

Russell Among Headliners at AARP Event

A star-studded cast of senior citizens is coming to Boston next month for AARP’s Life@50+ National Event & Expo.

Bostonians Can’t Agree on Lemonade Prices

Lemonade Day Boston aims to teach young entrepreneurs business skills by helping them run lemonade stands. But how much would you pay for a glass?

NYPD’s Twitter Callout Backfires Horribly

The New York Police Department took to Twitter to solicit photos of police officers in the community, but the move backfired with people instead posting images of alleged police brutality.

UMass Boston Student Allegedly Called in Bomb Threats

Dean Beckford, 29, a senior at the school who lives in Somerville, has been arrested for allegedly calling in two bomb threats at the campus in the past week.

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