Pogues guitarist Phil Chevron dies at 56

Mr. Chevron wrote several Pogues songs, including ‘‘Thousands Are Sailing.’’
Mr. Chevron wrote several Pogues songs, including ‘‘Thousands Are Sailing.’’Mike Coppola/Getty Images/2011

DUBLIN — Phil Chevron, the guitarist for the boisterous Anglo-Irish band The Pogues, has died.

He was 56.

Pogues manager Mark Addis said Mr. Chevron, whose real name was Philip Ryan, died Tuesday in Dublin after being treated for head and neck cancer.

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The Dublin-born musician was a member of seminal Irish punk rockers The Radiators From Space before joining the London-based Pogues in the early 1980s.

The band, fronted by singer Shane MacGowan, fused Irish traditional music, rock, and punk into an exhilarating hybrid on albums such as ‘‘Rum, Sodomy, and the Lash’’ and ‘‘If I Should Fall From Grace With God.’’

Mr. Chevron wrote several well-known Pogues songs, including the Irish emigration ballad ‘‘Thousands Are Sailing.’’

He leaves his sister and his mother.