In praise of the less-popular pleasures of the big screen

“Iron Man 3” is a wide-release blockbuster.
“Iron Man 3” is a wide-release blockbuster.

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I had two moments of rapture at the movies recently, watching scenes from “The Great Gatsby” and “Star Trek Into Darkness.” If you’re not compelled to see the films in theaters, you can catch up to them in due time, through your cable company’s On Demand menu, through Netflix, on your laptop, on your cellphone. But that would destroy two elements that make these sequences so exhilarating: That they seem to extend beyond our field of vision and that we experience them as an audience, sitting in one location at one time. Critics often champion smaller, subtler films, if only because they need extra attention in a braying commercial marketplace. Allow me, for a moment, to sing the praises of bigness done right.

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