The WikiLeaks story exposed, but not resolved

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Julian Assange: Silver-haired freedom fighter or creepy cyber-guru? Bradley Manning: Courageous whistle-blower or tormented info-traitor? Alex Gibney’s overlong but fascinating “We Steal Secrets: The Story of WikiLeaks” manages to convince you that both sides of the equation deserve consideration even as the film carefully separates the strands of a maddening snarl of event and accusation.

This is the documentary that lets you grasp the 2010 WikiLeaks scandal in its entirety, even if the questions raised — whether facts belong to a government or its people, whether any secrets deserve to remain so, whether diplomacy is possible in a world where all is known — are left for us to resolve.

The movie’s especially deft at exposing spin, whether it’s the US media’s or Assange’s.

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