Almodóvar takes madcap farce to new heights

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The best way to describe Pedro Almodóvar’s latest, “I’m So Excited!,” is to think of it as “Airplane!” repurposed into a Spanish telenovela and staged by a maniacal gay cabaret troupe. So, no, it’s not one of the master’s more enduring works.

If you can get over that and are in the mood for a giddy trifle, this may be your bag of slightly stale peanuts. Almodóvar seems roused by the challenge of staging a madcap farce in the cramped confines of an airplane, or maybe he’s just roused, period: “I’m So Excited!” might be the horniest movie ever made by a major filmmaker. It’s broad, occasionally uproarious, a little wheezy, and every so often inspired. If nothing else, it beats an in-flight movie.

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