‘Turbo’ gets up to speed

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Take a look at the animated features that have hit multiplexes recently, and you start to wonder if 2013 is going to be remembered as the Year of the Snail. A goofball snail-and-slug duo was one of the few distinctive elements of the forest fantasy “Epic.” That tardy specimen from “Monsters University” is probably still huffing and puffing to make it to class. And now comes DreamWorks’ 3-D confection “Turbo,” featuring Ryan Reynolds as a garden-trolling slowpoke who dreams of Indianapolis 500 glory.

Of course, that’s an order only slightly taller than trying to put a fresh spin on animated racing and micro-scale action after “Cars” and a host of adventure-in-the-grass ’toons. See “Epic” (again), “A Bug’s Life,” etc.

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