‘Hell Baby’ talk: kitschy kitschy goo

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Hell Baby

With the recent success of “The Conjuring” and other such horror films, first-time writer-directors Robert Ben Garant and Thomas Lennon’s parody “Hell Baby” comes at an opportune moment. But, really, when is it not a good time for gratuitous female nudity and vomit jokes? This offensive, crass pastiche makes “Grown Ups 2” look like a paragon of wit and good taste.

First of all, and maybe this is picky, but doesn’t it cross some kind of line to set such crude, misogynist, and racist material in a flood-ravaged New Orleans district still showing signs of the devastation of Hurricane Katrina? Especially in a derelict house that still bears the X-code sign painted by first responders. Perhaps this is intended as a social commentary.

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