Vin Diesel rides again as Riddick

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Riddick” wants to reboot a franchise that barely got off the ground the first time, with 2000’s lean sci-fi chiller “Pitch Black” followed by 2004’s incomprehensible “The Chronicles of Riddick.” It’s only due to star Vin Diesel’s renewed box office clout (via the “Fast & Furious” movies) that we have this third entry, titled like a modest re-introduction and struggling to get back to what was good about the first film.

Once again the anti-hero is stranded on an isolated planet populated by alien jackals, slavering giant scorpion thingies, and two teams of bounty hunters who he picks off one by one. The movie’s cheap but has a sense of humor, and it’s smart enough to let Riddick just get back to being a badass.

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