‘Don Jon’ has insights as well as swagger

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Don Jon

Don Jon” might be the first commercial American movie to tackle the subject of online porn, and the fact that it’s a sprightly, if pointed, romantic comedy about a swaggering Jersey boy shouldn’t put you off. Nor should the fact that it’s written and directed by its star, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, the most adorable leading man of his generation.

The movie’s not exactly “(500) Days of Foreplay,” but neither is it an earnest lecture like the recent “Thanks for Sharing.” (Nor is it a horizontal “Saturday Night Fever,” despite the often-forced “Jersey Shore” clichés.) What “Don Jon” is, surprisingly, is honest. R-rating aside, it should be required viewing for every 15-year-old boy on the planet. With Scarlett Johansson and Julianne Moore.

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