Timberlake, Affleck bet on ‘Runner Runner’

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How blandly by-the-numbers is “Runner Runner,” the offshore gambling thriller starring Justin Timberlake and a big, bad Ben Affleck? When it’s time for the hot sex scene between Timberlake’s ambitious Richie Furst and Rebecca (Gemma Arterton), his boss’s luscious second-in-command, the encounter is as chemistry-free as the wooden banter that has led up to it. I’ve had dentist’s appointments that were sexier.

Director Brad Furman (“The Lincoln Lawyer”) and his cast put their money on a dud script — a drama about a naïve upstart and the corrupt online-gambling tycoon who seduces him with riches — and lose. It’s not that “Runner Runner” is predictable. It’s that you don’t care, either about the characters or what happens to them. Playing a Fed, Anthony Mackie’s the best thing in the movie.

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