‘Diana’ is a very different sort of princess diary

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The story of the late Princess Diana’s affair with an elegant London heart surgeon, “Diana” is a gooey true-romance comic book trying to pass itself off as a historical drama. In the lead, Naomi Watts gives a performance that’s more complex than the movie needs: Her Diana is earnest, heart-sore, tempestuous, naïve, manipulative, and not terribly bright. Naveen Andrews (”Lost”) plays the good doctor, and he fights uphill against the gossip-magazine sentiments and purple dialogue (”You say you love me, but there are five million people on the planet who can say that!”).

The movie represents a nadir in the recent trend of Not Dead Yet drama—the “Social Network”s and “Fifth Element”s and, above all, 2006’s “The Queen,” to which this seems a hapless answer film.

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