‘About Last Night’ remade but not to be remembered

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About Last Night

With the release of “About Last Night,” a four-decade transformation is complete. What began as David Mamet’s 1974 play “Sexual Perversity in Chicago” — a lacerating downer about the impossibility of modern relationships — and was bowdlerized into the edgy but recognizably mainstream Brat Pack semi-classic “About Last Night . . .” (1986) has now become wholly generic.

Aside from the non-novelty of its African-American cast, the movie’s no different than the thousands of romantic comedies that have been churned out since the invention of cinema. It’s glossy, the cast is attractive, and Kevin Hart is bumptiously funny as hero Michael Ealy’s oversexed best friend. You could take your honey for Valentine’s Day. But, really, a dozen fake roses and a card from CVS would be more personal.

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