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Childhood Dreams Equal Cinnamon Rainbows for Surfer Dave Cropper

For surfer Dave Cropper, some things are just meant to be, there are calm days and there are stormy days, both are good if you bring the ride surfboard. From the age of 11 he has been fascinated with the sound, smell, and power of the ocean.

“I grew up in Hampton, N.H., and for me, the ocean was my playground, and every day it fascinated me with its many moods,” said Cropper.

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That fascination led him to the only surf shop in town, the Cinnamon Rainbows Surf Company, where he would eventually spend his youth working in the shop and surfing at every chance he got.

“There has always been a surf community here on the New Hampshire coast, it was a bit smaller then but now it's no secret. From here, people can learn to surf and go anywhere in the world,” said Cropper, who this past March traveled to Peru to surf the longest waves in the world. His surfing wanderlust has taken him surfing in locations like Fiji, Hawaii, Australia, Chile, New Zealand, Central America, the Caribbean, and more.


In 1990, at the age of 21, Cropper took over the Cinnamon Rainbows Surf Company and has expanded its scope to national recognition as well as one of the largest shops in the northeast. Cropper operates the shop with fellow surfers and world travelers Phil Carey and Heather Day. This band of passionate surfers offers stand up paddle boards and surf boards for all conditions but more importantly has the experience, expertise, and knowledge that they share via lessons, rentals and surf reports.

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