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What is Footgolf? It's Now in New England, so You'll Soon Know

When I first heard about footgolf, I thought it was a skit on "SNL." My nephew told me it was the fastest growing sport in the country with over 50 new courses in California alone. Then I stumbled upon the AFGL. According to the AFGL, the American Footgolf League which belongs to the FIFG, there are actually tournaments and even a World Cup Tour.

This month the second course in New England opened up in Vermont. The Stonehedge Course near Rutland offers free footgolf this weekend and is a par three certified AFGL member.

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"The AFGL is very excited to see footgolf spread to Vermont and the New England area, said Laura Balestrini, President American FootGolf League. "As this sport grows across the US, we have many players looking for courses close to where they live. When we received the call from Shawn and Stonehedge Golf Course we knew that they had the right vision to introduce footgolf to players in Vermont. It is always a good day when we get to add a new course to the map, but with Stonehedge we also got to add a new state, which makes us that much closer to our vision of having at least two courses in each of the 50 states."

Stonehedge is offering free footgolf on Sunday so I caught up with Shawn Bendig, one of the owners at Stonehedge Footgolf Course, on Edging the Xtreme on RadioBDC to hear more about this new sport.