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Rachael Miller: Protecting, Restoring, and Cleaning the Bottom of the Ocean

If you're a boater, sailor, fisherman, or just planning to visit the beach this summer, a healthy ocean is good for all of us who love the water. The Rozalia Project is taking trash out of the water, rather than just pointing at it, and operating nationwide from docks and shorelines and throughout New England. The goal of the project is to connect people of all ages to their underwater world and inspire them to be part of the solution by using underwater robots (ROVs) and sonar, as well as nets to locate and remove marine debris.

Watch this video the contrast the healthy Kelp Forest with a Kelp Forest that has been bottom trawled...

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The Rozalia Project is run by lifelong sailor and environmentalist Rachael Miller. Miller holds a US Coast Guard Captain's license and works with VideoRay to develop training and certification programs for ROV pilots. Miller trains everyone from Navy Reserve Explosive Ordinance Disposal Units to volunteer Search and Rescue organizations how to properly operate the VideoRay ROVs. Her passion for the sea has created the Rozalia project which protects, restores, and cleans the bottom of the ocean.

"Humans are creating a new type of reef under the ocean," Miller said. "This new reef is built out of our garbage and is hurting ocean life."

Her under water robot "Hector the Protector" videotapes the ocean floor, capturing sea life and debris. Her current project in the Gulf of Maine is saving a protected kelp forest from being opened up to fishing.

We caught up with Rachael out on the water as she was documenting the amazing life under the kelp forest. If you want to sign the petition to save the kelp forest from bottom trawling click here

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