‘Maron’: Oversharing done right

Marc Maron (left) with Dave Foley in IFC’s new comedy, “Maron.”
Marc Maron (left) with Dave Foley in IFC’s new comedy, “Maron.”Chris Ragazzo / IFC

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Maron” is loosely built around the making of Marc Maron’s podcast, “WTF,” which takes place in his LA garage. For those who’ve listened to “WTF,” the TV show will feel just exactly right. The stories he tells in his monologues are here, effortlessly brought to life, and the writing doesn’t corrupt Maron’s sensibility. And newcomers to Maron, who don’t even know what a podcast is (like many of the characters on the show) will catch on quickly. On both “WTF” and on “Maron,” you can easily follow his theme, which is the value of painful honesty, the relief of unburdening. Once you’ve admitted that you are scared-stupid-confused-egomaniacal-lonely, Maron seems to be saying, then you have begun to disempower those feelings.

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