‘Devious Maids’ feels like too familiar a formula

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With “Devious Maids,” Marc Cherry makes it clear he has a very specific formula as a show creator. “Devious Maids” is very much in the vein of “Desperate Housewives,” with a cheerful atmosphere, a bright look, pretty women, men with soap opera faces, a fanciful soundtrack, and a mystery plot involving murder. This whimsical-melodrama approach is becoming Cherry’s brand, which he is extending in the same way Bravo has brought the “Real Housewives” look and feel to a number of subsequent series.

But the similarity of Cherry’s two shows doesn’t work as an advantage for “Devious Maids.” The new show feels predictable from the start, since the tone so closely resembles the old show, which was played out when it left the air in 2012.

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