Critic’s corner for July 18


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Sharknado 7 p.m., Syfy

It’s a bunch of sharks! It’s a tornado! It’s the made-for-TV movie everyone has been tweeting about! “Sharknado” rocked Twitter last week during its first airing, inspiring jokey comments from all corners of the Twitterverse, not just the pop culture people. My favorite: A photo of Mia Farrow with her friend Philip Roth tweeted by Farrow with the words “We’re watching #sharknado.” About halfway through the movie, mentions on Twitter peaked at more than 5,000 per minute. It was a full-fledged Twitvalanche. What helped start the “Sharknado” feeding frenzy? A Damon Lindelof tweet at 7:30 p.m. that read, “You folks who insult “Sharknado” have clearly never lived through one. Respect, People.”

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