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The winner:

The roots of native New Englanders run deep, even when stranded on an island, according to caption contest winner Steve Clouther of Harwich.

Winner:"You Vermonters just can't let old habits die. ."
Steve Clouther, Harwich

Other entries:

"I'm telling you, that is not where coconut water comes from..."
Jeremy Kaye, New York

"Maybe today is PALM Sunday?"
Deb Quintal, Burlington

"You mean, I'm praying for a ship to rescue us and you're praying for pancake mix?"
Glen D. Bergevin, Woburn

"I could use a little coconut oil for my back."
Grigori Copinski, Belmont

"Palm sap can only be used to doctor baseballs in the Dominican."
Jim Gallagher, North Grafton

"Is it just ME...or do you miss Vermont?"
Greg Curtis, Danvers

"Ever since global warming melted the polar ice caps, Vermont just hasn't looked the same!"
Rick Weiner, Winchester

"We are a million miles from a Wal-Mart."
Rickie Johnson, Buchanan

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