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New England Raking in Millions From Leaf Peepers

On Mount Monadnock, hikers file up the 3,165-foot peak in lockstep, protected from drizzling rain by a luminous golden canopy of leaves. They're not just gazing at foliage — they're looking at cold, hard cash. Share Your Gorgeous Fall Foliage Pics 10 Fall Hikes in Massachusetts to Suit Your Personality

Dunkin’ Donuts Addresses the Double-Cup Iced Coffee Issue—At Last

Dunkin’ Donuts is ditching the environmentally unfriendly foam and rolling out new, all-weather cups that will let you drink iced coffee even if it’s cold outside. (Gasp!) Brookline Bans on Plastic Bags, Polystyrene Containers to Begin Does America Really Need to Run on Two Disposable Dunkin’ Cups?

Uber to Boston Military Veterans: We Want You!

Ride-sharing app Uber recruited in Boston last week as part of its 18-month plan to get 50,000 service members, veterans, and spouses nationwide to begin working as drivers. Uber Strikes North, Now Operating in Portland Uber Study Declares Uber Is Great for Boston, But Take it With Several Grains of Salt Uber Suspicious of Boston ‘Driver’ Who Ripped Company on Reddit

Check Your Statements: Staples Investigating Possible Credit Card Breach

Framingham-based office supply retailer Staples is looking into a possible credit card breach.

NYC Airbnb Challenge Doesn’t Mean Boston Turndown

New York City cracked down on building owners operating “illegal hotels” through Airbnb. Could Boston’s short-term rental market be next? Search Boston-area rentals Boston Mulling Airbnb Regulations Boston in 2032: No Cars, Less Stuff, and Robots Rule the Night

How Robots Could Help Health Workers Manage an Ebola Outbreak

Could robots assist health workers manage the ongoing Ebola outbreak? Researchers in Massachusetts and around the world are going to discuss how the machines could help during this crisis and in future health emergencies. 

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