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Innovators Speak Out Against Proposed Bitcoin Regulations

As New York takes its first stab at regulating the shady online currency Bitcoin, Massachusetts innovators say that such regulations could stifle innovation. Bitcoin ATM pulls into Boston Each MIT undergraduate to get $100 in Bitcoin as part of student project What’s important about Bitcoin? It depends on who you ask.

Compromise, If Anything, Appears Likely on Noncompetes

The current state legislative session ends July 31, and if anything is going to be done about noncompete clauses—even a compromise between opponents and supporters of the status quo—it’ll need to be done by then. Proposed Noncompete Compromise Not Retroactive Noncompete Limits Look More Likely Than Ban

Why Should We Care About Aereo?

The Supreme Court decision that shuttered Aereo last month affects only a couple thousand subscribers, but its implications for internet regulation are far more profound. Aereo to Halt Service This Morning Supreme Court Rules Aereo Violates Broadcasters’ Copyrights Another Setback for Streaming Service Aereo

Get Paid for Posts? Social Networking's New Twist

Facebook and most other social networks are built on the premise that just about everything should be shared —except the money those posts produce.

Study: Women Have Higher Job Mobility Than Men

Contemplating a job switch? If you are female, over 40, and already employed, you’ll be in better shape as you start the hunt, a new study says. Mass. Unemployment Ticked Down to 5.5 Percent in June

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