Help decide which medical research will get Brigham and Women’s $100k grant


Brigham and Women’s Hospital is going to award a $100,00 grant to one of three research projects, with the winner being decided by online voting. The BRIght Futures Prize is accepting support for the three projects through midnight on Thursday.

The contest is part of the run-up to the first annual Brigham and Women’s Hospital Research Day, which takes place all day on Nov. 15. Registration is free and open to the public.

Here are the videos for the three research projects vying for the $100,000:

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A proposal to genetically sequence newborns and study the implications this knowledge has on parents, doctors, and quality and cost of care.

A proposal to use electronic health records and genomic data to better predict and treat multiple sclerosis (MS).

This proposal will merge a number of datasets to provide a new look at immune responses.

You can cast your vote here.