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There’s been plenty of discussion about the green energy industry and its potential for creating new, sustainable jobs. But the truth of the matter is the industry is still in its early stages, and the real potential of green energy is yet to be measured. As the industry gains its footing, Massachusetts policymakers must consider what kind of role it should play in nurturing this emerging and uncertain market. In light of the 2011 Evergreen Solar debacle, should the state walk away from the green energy industry? Or can it learn from its mistakes and change policy appropriately?

In this edition of The Exchange, we pose the following question: Green Energy: Are investments and incentives in specific green tech companies responsible and helpful?

— Jim Stergios, executive director of the Pioneer Institute, says Massachusetts economic development officials lack the critical experience necessary to make smart investments in green energy companies but says policymakers can make incentives more fair.

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— Peter Rothstein, president of the New England Clean Energy Council, says government plays a critical role in helping the market gain its footing which plays a significant role in attracting private capital investors.

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