How fast is that speeding train? hack/reduce hosts effort to visualize MassDOT data

Credit: File Photo

With cash prizes and camaraderie, techologists and designers will come together this weekend to help visualize some of the area’s messiest data: Transportation information provided by the Massachusetts Department of Transportation (MassDOT).

The weekend transportation hackathon, hosted by MassTech, hack/reduce, Mass Big Data, and MassDOT, will focus four core data sets:

— Real-time traffic speed data gathered across I-90, 93, and Rt. 3.

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— Real-time traffic volume data along the same corridors.

— Accident and construction data along major Massachusetts roadways.

— Commuter rail data including arrival and departure times, ridership load counts, and fare data.

A lot of people have done great things with MBTA’s plentiful (sans Green Line) data (I’m now a die-hard ProximiT user), but I haven’t seen as much done these other data sets. Good to see their getting some love.

Registration is free for mentors and hackers .Full rules and prize information are posted on ChallengePost.

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