IdeaPaint relocates from Ashland to the Hub

This picture was included with IdeaPaint’s press release.
This picture was included with IdeaPaint’s press release.Credit:

IdeaPaint, which was previously located in Ashland, announced Tuesday the opening of its new 7,600-square-foot headquarters at 40 Broad St. in Boston.

One reason for the move was for the company “to solidify its role as one of the most innovative companies in Boston’s thriving business landscape and to attract top talent,” IdeaPaint said in a press release.

IdeaPaint makes a dry-erase paint that turns a smooth surface into “an erasable canvas which facilitates greater workplace collaboration and innovation.”

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IdeaPaint’s customers include Harvard, MIT, Reebok, Seventh Generation, and Walmart.

Jones Lang LaSalle brokered the deal for IdeaPaint’s new office space. The headquarters was designed by Fusion Design Consultants.