Market Basket Board Member’s Tweet Criticized

Tewksbury, Ma., 07/30/14, Market Basket employees continue to picket and protest at the company head quarters. Section: Business Suzanne Kreiter/Globe staff (The Boston Globe.
Market Basket employees continue to picket and protest at the company’s headquarters.
Suzanne Kreiter/Globe Staff

Eric Gebaide, an independent member of Market Basket’s board of directors who is said to vote in tandem with Arthur S. Demoulas, is facing criticism from protesting employees for a tweet that some have taken as sexist, The Boston Globe reports.

The tweet, which had garnered at least 38 responses from other Twitter users, described protesters Gebaide encountered when he was in Boston for a meeting of Market Basket's board of directors as "much better looking than I remember." Although the meaning of that sentence wasn't clear, many Twitter users and protesters who had seen copies of the tweet accused the director--or whoever was behind the account--of making inappropriate comments.

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The full Globe report is here.

Read the tweet as you will, but that this has created a bit of a firestorm should serve as a reminder that tweeting during a major news event while at or near its core conflict is usually best done with care. Or not at all.

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