Market Basket Supporters Are Singing Their Joys on YouTube

Chelsea, MA--8/28/2014--To describe her feeling about the store's news, customer Josephine Cruikshank (cq), 77, of Malden, said "I hit the lottery! I stood for them. I was not going back there until someone buckled." After the sale of Market Basket to ATD, the stores, including Chelsea #32, get back to business, on Thursday, August 28, 2014. Photo by Pat Greenhouse/Globe Staff Topic: 29MarketBasket Reporter: XXX
Market Basket supporters are turning to song to celebrate the news that Arthur T. Demoulas is back in charge of the company.
Pat Greenhouse/The Boston Globe

Celebrations over Market Basket erupted online in the form of several victory songs on YouTube today.

To begin, there was the Sam Smith “Stay With Me” knockoff of “Brought Back Artie T.” Opening lyrics: “Yes it’s true there’s now food in Aisle 10. / I’m once again a Market Basket man.”

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The song is an updated version of their jam earlier this month “Bring Back Artie T,” but with words changed to the past tense now that the Market Basket saga is over.

“They brought back Artie T. / He is all we need,” goes the chorus.

If an original song is more up your alley, here’s YouTube user Jason Hunt playing his “Market Basket Victory Song (More Than a Grocery Store).”

Sample lyrics: “This has been more than a grocery store/ this is about things worth standing up for.’”

Those two new additions join a decently-sized list of Market Basket protest songs, created during the summer’s standoff. They included “Food,” the parody of Magic!’s “Rude”, which has racked up 112,000 views in the past month.

“When am I gonna buy my foooood? / Guess that we’re all just screewwwed.”

The new songs, though, are a whole lot more optimistic.