Popcorn Time is panic time for Hollywood

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My wife and I pay $8 a month for Netflix, $79 a year for Amazon Prime — soon to be $99 — and another $100 or so a month for cable. Yet we still can’t see whatever we want, whenever we want it. To do that, we’d have to become criminals. I plan to resist the temptation. But thanks to a remarkable new piece of software, many others will likely not.

The software is called Popcorn Time, and I suspect that movie and TV producers yet unborn will curse its name. Remember what a piece of software called Napster did to the recorded music business? Free music for everyone, until Apple’s iTunes came along a few years later and made honest listeners out of many of us — for a buck a song.

Well, here we go again. Popcorn Time is a free program that lets anyone with a broadband connection watch recently released movies and popular classics on any desktop computer — without paying a dime.

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