DeLeo: Not So Fast on Noncompetes

Boston Ma 05/27/2014 Massachusetts House Speaker Robert A. DeLeo (cq) left joined house members and the Gun Violence Task Force to announce comprehensive gun violence legislation at a morning press-conference. GlobeStaff/Jonathan Wiggs Topic: Reporter:
Massachusetts House Speaker Robert DeLeo unveiled an economic development package Tuesday.
The Boston Globe

The most talked about element of Governor Deval Patrick’s proposed economic development plan—the part that would ban noncompete clauses—does not factor into a competing bill unveiled today by House Speaker Robert DeLeo, the Boston Globe reports.

The speaker said he has heard from many more companies that oppose a ban on noncompete agreements than favor one, in the weeks since Patrick outlined his proposal.

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Those companies organizations tend to be larger, more established technology organizations. (They also seem to take good advantage of noncompete bans in California, as a previous Globe story points out.) Much of the state’s startup and technology scene hailed the proposal to do away with noncompetes, arguing that restricting employee movement comes at the cost of local innovation.