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Tired of Being Ignored, Mayors Push Back Against Market Basket

With brand new supermarkets built and left unopened for months, mayors in Revere and Attleboro are demanding answers from a supermarket chain riven with infighting. Reports: Market Basket Ousts CEO Leaders Resign While Hundreds of Market Basket Employees Rally in Support of Fired CEO

Boston Mulling Airbnb Regulations, Won’t Fine Hosts in Meantime

The City of Boston has instructed its Inspectional Services Department not to fine residents who rent out their homes using short-term vacation booking services like Airbnb while the City considers whether to further regulate such services. Cambridge Licensing Board Signals Willingness to Work With Uber Business Travelers Taking to Airbnb How the Aereo Decision Resembles Uber, Airbnb Regulatory Efforts

Amazon Makes Appeal to Authors in Ongoing Hachette Dispute

With a standoff with Hachette continuing to linger on, Amazon has attempted to appease the major publishers’ authors with a potentially lucrative royalties offer. Amazon Has Never Really Cared About Books Why It’s Difficult For Your Library to Lend Ebooks Reading Into the Amazon Vs. Hachette Battle

This Is About as Good a Reason as Any to Donate to a Potato Salad Kickstarter Project

The logic from this entrepreneur and former MIT Ph.D. candidate looks sound.

Study: Dads Influenced by Other Dads to Take Paternity Leave

If one dad takes paternity leave, his colleagues are more likely to follow. BC Study: All About Paternity Leave

New App Can Wake Up Commuter Rail Riders

Keolis, the company that took over operations on the Commuter Rail on July 1, has launched a new app, which wakes passengers up before they reach their chosen destination. French firm Keolis wins commuter rail contract Bus Service to Open Plymouth-Providence Line

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