Instead of tossing out his fortune cookie’s message or taping it up on the wall for inspiration, William Johnson acted on it—and won $1 million.

The fortune said that Johnson “would soon come into a lot of gold,” so the Southwick resident bought himself a Massachusetts Millionaire Mania scratch-off lottery ticket, according to the Lottery.

William Johnson

After hanging onto it for a few days, Johnson finally scratched off the $1 million prize, which he chose to receive in a one-time, lump sum payment that came to $650,000 after taxes. Johnson said that he and his wife are still thinking about what to do with their newfound wealth, but are considering buying a lake house.

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The Colonial News in the Feeding Hills section of Agawam, where Johnson purchased the $10 ticket, will receive a $10,000 commission on the sale.

There are still two $3-million and three $1-million prizes available in the Massachusetts Millionaire Mania game. You might want to start paying attention to your dessert if you want to cash in.