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BMW’s M235i: Put the top down and step on it

The M235i is made more fun to drive with a smooth-as-you-could-imagine 6-speed manual transmission.

2015 Chrysler 200 notable for fuel economy

Chrysler has gotten a lot right with the new 200, including the fuel economy portion, but still has some work to do.

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Study: Diesel vehicles offer better savings in the long run

A new report shows diesel-powered cars can offer consumers major savings in the long run.

Is there carbon monoxide in your car?

A reader worries CO might be the reason he felt drowsy behidn the wheel. How can you test for carbon monoxide in a car?

Call Misselwood the best of shows; Kelly’s PD Harley

The Endicott College car show celebrates its sixth anniversary; Lynnfield’s police chief’s Harley-Davidson, and more.

The 10 most expensive cars ever sold

We’ve compiled a list of the most expensive cars ever sold at auction and a certain Italian automaker took all but one of the spots on this list.