Featured review: 2015 Mercedes-Benz ML250 Bluetec 4Matic SUV

Diesel is a gas with Mercedes-Benz’s ML250 Bluetec

The ML250 is a very nice diesel-powered, five-passenger, midsize SUV that stands apart from the crowd.

Alfa Romeo 4C Spider is a sports car for the 10 percenters

The 4C Spider combines aggressive power and handling with Italian design and on-road comfort.

Acura opens the brand door with ‘near-luxury’ ILX

The ILX sedan is a gateway vehicle to the Acura lineup, designed to draw young (under-35), upscale buyers to the brand.

2016 Nissan Maxima packs lots of technology

With a driver-centric cockpit, the Maxima can bill itself as sporty in the design category both on the inside and out.

Ford keeping its Focus on moving forward

The Focus has the look of a slightly compacted mid-size Fusion, starting with the grille.

GMC Canyon: A Midsize Pickup That Measures Up

The Canyon is a bit shorter than its full-size counterparts but is still a good-size vehicle.

Mercedes-Benz S550 Coupe a (Kind of) Stunning Vehicle

Don’t approach the S550 from the back. It’s stunning from the front all the way back to the A pillar.

2016 HR-V opens up new market for automaker

The Honda HR-V is a white-hot entry in the sub-compact crossover market. Honda expects to sell 70,000 units.

Two SUVs that vary in size but not in satisfaction

The 2015 Lincoln Navigator vs. the 2015 Mercedes-Benz GLA45 AMG. Both shatter commonly-held preconceived notions.

Nissan’s hottest 370Z 2-seater

The 370Z offers the Nismo Tech package, which includes standard navigation and a new option for 2015, a seven-speed automatic transmission.

Range Rover: If It’s Good Enough for the Crown Prince…

With designs from Bentley and Rolls-Royce and a $148,000 price tag, the 2015 Autobiography is a bargain.

With a Plug-In Prius, Beware the Elusive Outlet

Where does it make sense to have a plug-in hybrid? Any location where you get a decent tax rebate and a charging plug.

Lexus LX 570 Proves This Dinosaur Is Thriving

The LX 570 is a luxury and go-anywhere SUV that’s become something of a dinosaur still living in modern times.

Mercedes’ New GLA250 Offers Drivers a Benz on a Budget

The GLA250 combines the German automaker’s famous poshness with the company’s lowest starting price.

Nissan’s Latest Jitterbug: the Daring Juke Nismo RS

The Juke Nismo RS is a dare-to-be-different version of a sporty crossover that’s already “out there.”

2015 Ford Edge Redesigned from the Bottom Up

The all-new 2015 Ford Edge is redesigned inside and out with two new powertrain options.

Subaru’s Three Crossovers: Siblings Not Triplets

How do three Subaru crossovers – the Outback, Crosstrek, and Forester – stack up against each other?

Best Car Buys for 2015

If you’re thinking of visiting a dealership, consider which cars, trucks, and SUVs might offer the most bang for your buck.

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12 Greenest Cars on the Market

By 2025, national fuel economy standards will hit an equivalent of 54.5 miles per gallon, but many of these 2014 high mileage cars are already there. Check out 12 cars that get high grades for fuel economy.