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State Of The Union Live Blog

Posted by Garrett Quinn, Less is More  January 25, 2011 08:52 PM

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Welcome to my live blog of President Barack Obama's State of the the Union address.

Here is a link to the full text of the speech.

9:04pm - Everybody read to hold hands and make bipartisan smores around the campfire?

9:05pm - Here he is!

9:06pm - If this entrance had pyrotechnics, loud entrance music, and stupid signs it would be just like professional wrestling.

9:09pm - Wolf Blitzer points out Obama is wearing a purple tie. Hoo-ray! Bipartisanship!1!!!

9:11pm - Oh the mixed reactions of Biden and Boehener should be fun to watch.

9:12pm - Giffords seat left vacant in her honor.

9:15pm - Bipartisan unity is a dream and a bad one in most cases.

9:16pm - The economy is turning but very, very, very, very, very slowly.

9:17pm - After further review his tie appears to be blue, not purple.

9:18pm - The clicking of that wrist watch every time it goes back on the podium is SO annoying.

9:19pm - You know what else is a dream? The return of manufacturing jobs to America.

9:19pm - Rubio is seated next to Franken. Awkward.

9:20pm - "So yes, the world has changed. The competition for jobs is real. But this shouldn’t discourage us."

9:21pm - Speaking of smaht keds, you know what would be a great show of bipartisan unity DC school voucher program.

9:22pm - "Out innovate, out educate, and out build the rest of the world." Well, we build new stuff we have roads, rails, and stuff that need to be maintained and rebuilt.


9:23pm - And a fauxhawk.

9:24pm - Captions of who some of these random people in the chambers are would help.

9:24pm - SPUTNIK! DRINK!

9:25pm - It's a budget plan with no clear goal! Who needs to go to Mars when you can give out money for things that are neat!

9:26pm - In the year 2035 will finally have flying cars?

9:28pm - Every child a chance to succeed requires massive government spending on things ethanol subsidies and solar cars.

9:31pm - So is he calling for the repeal of No Child Left Behind?

9:32pm - Really disappointed we haven't seen a divided ovation yet.

9:33pm - The education race ends when you get a diploma in the game of Life.

9:34pm - FOLKSY STORY!

9:35pm - Look it's John Kerry and Meghan McCain sitting together! When will she tweet a picture of herself?


9:37pm - Weak show of a divided ovation. Boo hiss.

9:38pm - I thought rebuilding America involved Sputnik and beating the Russians. Wait, broadband? High speed what? I am confused.

9:39pm - China is building things! Who wrote this Tom Friedman? China rules! Russia and stuff! We did stuff!


9:40pm - Technology. Connectivity. China. Rural communities. The Social Network!

9:40pm - Didn't Bill Clinton give this speech when he talked about building a bridge to something something.

9:41pm - CHINA! INDIA! Places better than us!

9:42pm - Weak applause for new regulations...until Health Care reform. This divided seating arrangement is annoying, can't really tell the lines of support. Oh right we're all unified forever and ever now.

9:43pm - See? This entire talk on Health Care would show clear divides.

9:44pm - Clap clap clap clap clap

9:47pm - Proposal to freeze domestic spending gets minimal applause. OOOOF Tough crowd.

9:48pm - Community action programs!

9:48pm - "I am willing to eliminate whatever we can honestly afford to do with out."

9:49pm - Uh, ok.

9:50pm - So we're going to cut spending and trim the fat but build a high speed rail network, develop technology, and beat the Soviets!


9:52pm - Boehner just looked exasperated when Obama said we can't extend the tax cuts.

9:52pm - Oh please, Bernie Sanders, filibuster the State of the Union.

9:53pm - Salmon joke. HEH

9:54pm - No. Please. Don't. Ok fine applaud that.

9:55pm - I am going to submit this thing to a hostile congress and it will fall flat!"

9:55pm - "Restore faith in government" AHAHAHAHAHA

9:56pm - I will veto any legislation that has earmarks and John McCain applauds like there is no tomorrow. This has, um, negative zero chance of happening.

9:57pm - So when does he announce he wants to send MORE troops to

9:59pm - The Iraq War is coming to an end but we'll be there forever. So it's a win win for everybody. Where is the Mission Accomplished banner?

9:59pm - Why does he say "Tallyban" like that? It's annoying. Like Bush "Nuculear"

10:00pm - We will not relent, we will not waiver, and we will defeat you. Someday. Maybe.
Kinda. Hopefully.

10:01pm - North Korea! NATO! Nuclear weapons! Russia! Asia! Red Dawn! Wolverines!

10:03pm - Meh, Sudan.

10:04pm - Boehner clapped...

10:05pm - This part of the speech feels like it was thrown together at the last minute. Military and foreign policy stuff. It just feels and sounds out of place.

10:06pm - Central Government! China! Building things!

10:07pm - Democracy rules. We know.

10:08pm - CRY! CRY! BOEHNER !

10:11pm - "We're a little company but we do big things!"

10:12pm - This is the part where he says "That is why we should put a man on Mars by the end of the decade."

Overall I think that was a decent speech but it's pretty hard to top the speech he gave in Tucson which, I think, is still fresh in the minds of everyone. At times his speech seemed like he wanted to embark the country on some grand goal but in the end it wasn't a transformational speech. The foreign policy comments at the end felt forced and, like most speeches on the federal budget by politicians, lacked real specifics on cutting the budget.


10:25pm - Paul Ryan reducing spending is important!

10:26pm - The debt will growth to consume the entire economy like a giant monster with lasers for eyes! ROAR!

10:27pm - I am a parent! My kids. WIN THE FUTURE!

10:28pm - I really like Paul Ryan but...he voted for the stimulus and the prescription drug plan. Sigh.

10:29pm - Republicans pledge to approach the debt seriously? No, Paul Ryan does but the rest of the party, well...

10:30pm - This speech really lays on the tea party rhetoric heavily but in a watered down wonky way.

10:31pm - I can't get over his hair though. Man. How many combs did you use?

10:32pm - "Social safety network is a hammock."


10:34pm - Limited Government and Free Enterprise Limited Government and Free Enterprise Limited Government and Free Enterprise Limited Government and Free Enterprise Limited Government and Free Enterprise Limited Government and Free Enterprise Limited Government and Free Enterprise Limited Government and Free Enterprise Limited Government and Free Enterprise Limited Government and Free Enterprise Limited Government and Free Enterprise

10:35pm - America! Roar!

That speech was strong on fiscal conservative rhetoric and full of off hand references to the Constitution. It was the best GOP response to an Obama SOTU since he took office. Ryan positioned himself as serious and thoughtful leader of the if only they would take his ideas even more seriously than they already do.

TEA PARTY - Michelle Bachman

10:50pm - Oh hey Michelle.

10:51pm - WHOA GRAPHS!

10:51pm - Ok...this second response was a bad idea. They've managed to zoom in and out twice in the last 2 minutes.

10:52pm - Cap and Trade? Really? It's dead. Com'on.

10:52pm - 132 New regulations under Obama. Have you looked at the regulations imposed during the Bush years?

10:53pm - "We need to start making things again in this country."

10:54pm - This is poorly produced. Why is she looking at another camera?


10:54pm - This is terrible. Who thought this was a good idea?

10:55pm - Japan!? Iwo Jima?

Um, what just happened? Really, that was a colossal disaster. Whoever produced that should be fired. Bachmann looked awful, absolutely awful.

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