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Tea Party = "terrorists" to some: Epilogue

Posted by Garrett Quinn, Less is More  August 6, 2011 09:37 AM

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Joe Nocera has apologized for comparing the Tea Party to terrorists in his Saturday column in the New York Times:

That anger reached its apex on Tuesday, when I wrote a column comparing the Tea Party Republicans to terrorists. The words I chose were intemperate and offensive to many, and I’ve been roundly criticized. I was a hypocrite, the critics said, for using such language when on other occasions I’ve called for a more civil politics. In the cool light of day, I agree with them. I apologize.
*Emphasis mine.

He then goes on to sound like Paul Krugman, saying we need to worry about the debt but not right now because the economy is struggling so we should spend, spend, spend.

What Nocera touched on is exactly why people like me were upset with the language in recent weeks. I have never been one to make the "lack of civility in our politics" the latest hollow moral panic of the day. The world of politics is a rough-and-tumble one not for the faint of heart. You would think that people would know name calling and hurling insults at adversaries is not a recent development in American politics.

What makes the latest series of insults different is that these came from people who, only a few months earlier, delivered stern lectures to the nation about civility and discourse. These lectures came after many on the left falsely accused the right of inspiring a tragic shooting. The left called out the right for using inflammatory and violent rhetoric and then just now used it themselves against the right. If the left never lectured on this subject from their imaginary moral high tower, this latest batch of heated political discourse wouldn't have caused the uproar that it did.

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