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Scott Brown is a "mildly conservative fellow"

Posted by Garrett Quinn, Less is More  March 7, 2012 04:29 PM

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APScott Brown is a "mildly conservative fellow" according to Blue Mass Group boss David Kravitz but if you search for the words "Scott Brown" and "Radical" on his site they come up with nearly 1,000 results.

In the post he put up today, I'm not angry at Scott Brown. Are you?, Kravitz makes the case that Brown is not the rabid right-wing cartoon that so many of his fellow liberals paint him as. According to him Brown is a lovable dolt that stumbled into being a US Senator.

He’s still more or less what he’s always been: an affable, somewhat bumbling, mildly conservative fellow who, through a peculiar series of coincidences, wound up way over his head in a job that he’s not very good at. His major accomplishment in office has been to complain about how mean the Senate’s kool kidz are to him. I mean, he thought those bin Laden photos were real, for God’s sake. It’s hard to get angry at someone you can’t take seriously.

The thing is if you look at Twitter or press releases from liberal activists they don't see him that way. They see him as this lockstep conservative ideologue who is beholden to the Koch brothers and bent on waging a Republican led "War on Women". In a strange way Brown has been a blessing to many liberal activists because ever since Mitt Romney left in 2007 there has not been a real local conservative figure for them to raise hell about. He has given them purpose, he has given them something to do so of course they are going to view him as this, frankly, amusing caricature that is not remotely accurate.

Not only is Brown a moderate but he is one of the most moderate Senators in the nation, according to a National Journal review of his voting record. Brown is not that different from the other New England moderates in the Senate, Susan Collins and Olympia Snowe.

Of course this does not stop liberal activists from making comments like:

Anyone who votes in Mitch McConnell is an extreme right winger. Period.

Dave Bernstein and Dan Kennedy have more on how Brown will not be a pushover in his reelection fight with Elizabeth Warren.

Don't forget to check out the piece Frank Philips on how Democrats are worried about Warren's chances.

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