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Sadly, no tragedy goes without politicization

Posted by Garrett Quinn, Less is More  July 20, 2012 12:08 PM

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There's been a national tragedy involving guns so you know what that means: Team Red and Team Blue are going to snipe at each other while trying to score political points. We've been down this road so many times that what will happen is fairly easy to predict.

The press and commentariat will spin their wheels endlessly about the political ideology of the possible killer, desperately ceasing on any type of nugget that could clue us into whether he was a radical right winger affiliated with the Tea Party or a crazy left winger hellbent on socialist revolution. He'll probably turn out to be mentally ill in the end and everyone that tried to pinpoint his politics will look like an idiot.

After this politicians will talk about a time for healing and civility. Political ads will be pulled. This will last for approximately five minutes before it dissolves into a national debate about gun laws and the Second Amendment. One side, usually Team Blue, will argue that we need stricter gun laws. Team Red will argue that if people were allowed to open carry or have concealed weapons they could have stopped the shooting before it got out of hand. They'll probably appear on cable TV shows together and yell at each other for extended periods of time all while a host gleefully looks on, pouring gas on the fire.

After it's all said and done nothing will probably happen to gun laws in either direction.

Oh, and in the meantime who gets pushed to the side in all of this? The victims and people touched by this tragedy. This exercise is depressing and it happens all too often.

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