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Eating crow with my hot dog

Posted by Joe Allen-Black  July 25, 2011 09:22 AM

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Patrick Garvin / Globe Staff

I finally give the New England-style hot dog bun a chance. And, ya'know what? It's pretty awesome.

Candlepin bowling intrigues me, and I embrace calling a drinking fountain a "bubbler." But really? A different style of hot dog bun?

I really shouldn't have been irritated at first with New England for having its own hot dog bun style, but I couldn't help myself. As I stood in my Stop and Shop's bread aisle, I rolled my eyes and angrily scoffed at the the concept. Why, of all things, would there be a different hot dog bun here?

The first time I saw the top-cut bread, I was getting ready for a cookout in May to mark the reported Judgment Day. I figured, if something end-of-the-world-y was going to happen, a hot dog and a beer would make it more bearable. After sorting through bags for a while, I finally grabbed the more familiar, side-cut, doughy buns. I successfully avoided having to deal with another change, and all of us avoided Judgment Day.


Joe Allen-Black / Globe Staff

A closeup on a New England-style bun. See how it sits flat on the plate and has just a little crust on the top? Both of these aspects make it awesome.

On a recent trip to the Harbor Islands, though, the buns were unavoidable. A few friends and I went out to Georges Island, and if I wanted a hot dog, there was no other option.

My thought was that I would try it, and finally have an actual reason to dislike them. I pictured writing a blog post about why they were ridiculous, and why the ones I was used to in Michigan, Florida, and other states I'd been in were better.

However, eating the dog became just eating crow.

I must admit I find the New England-style bun vastly superior to the ones I'm used to. The bottom is flat, keeping the the hot dog from falling over on my plate when I set it down and keeping the condiments on the dog. The genius of this is matched only by the mind-blowing breakthrough of the flat-bottomed taco.

Also, I hate crust on non-toasted bread. By having a New England bun, I can avoid the majority of crust. And the meat-to-bread ratio is more favorable.

I'm sorry I ever doubted you, New England. I learned my lesson, and am apologizing with this post for judging you. I won't make the same mistake again. I hope.

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