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Great time to be a fan in Boston

Posted by Zuri Berry, Staff  January 13, 2011 02:08 PM

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I can tell you as an athlete there’s nothing better than your team goin on a roll. I remember when we won all those games in a row back in 2008, it just felt like everything was clicking. We’d obviously been through the trenches together after getting #17, and then bringing back mostly the same team so it’s no surprise, but it was one of those times when you just feel you got it all goin on. Getting contributions from everywhere. Starters, second unit, guys at the end of the bench. Everyone does their part. And when it’s all goin on for you like that, it seems like all the little things start to go your way too. The bounces, the calls, everything. But of course I always say, you make your luck.

And that’s what it feels like is happening right now when you take a look at the Boston sports scene. This city is on a roll! Being here in Boston now makes me appreciate how special this city is when it comes to sports.

I mean, there’s been a lot of talk about how Boston’s been the best sports town of the decade with the Pats winning 3, the Sox getting 2 and us winning banner 17.

And, if you look around right now, it doesn’t seem like there is an end in sight.

Down in Foxboro, Belichick and Brady are having one of their best years ever. 14-2 and the overall #1 seed in the playoffs? That team is just crazy! Nobody gave them a chance when the season got started after they lost to the Jets, all the haters were talkin. And then after the L to Cleveland, they started beatin everybody like nobody’s business. The Steelers, the Colts, Lions on Thanksgiving. How about them hammering the Jets and Bears 81-10? Pats just put on a clinic right there. Man, the Truth is these Patriots are for real. They got the Jets in Foxboro on Sunday. Been a lot of talk outta New York on this one, but I’ll take Tom Brady and Belichick any day. This train could be heading to Dallas.

The Red Sox? All the injuries they had last year and to still almost make the playoffs? Not easy to do in the AL East. Fans here should really appreciate what they have over there at Fenway with Theo and all the great guys they got on that squad. And just look at what they went out and did. Went out and got Adrian Gonzalez AND Carl Crawford?

Let me tell you Carl Crawford is a player who does it all. I love his game. People will realize what he’s all about when he starts stroking doubles, triples and homers and stealin’ bases just about every game. I don’t know too much about Gonzalez but people back in LA tell me he’s the best hitter in the National League next to Pujols.

Sox deserve credit for getting these two guys to Boston. It’s going to be a great season for them. I’m not sure what the Green Monster is made out of, but someone might want to think about getting some spare parts and be ready to repair the damage these guys are gonna do over there.

And our roommates over at the Garden are doin fine too. Sharing a building with the Bruins, I’ve learned a bit and I see this team has what it takes. Two good goaltenders in Tim Thomas and Rask; Z Chara leading the D. The B’s could make some noise come playoffs. Should be plenty of activity on Causeway Street this spring. Sure will if I have anything to say about it.

For our part, we’re taking it game by game. Fighting through injuries with Shaq, Jermaine, Rajon, Nate and Semi and KG all dinged up. It hurt me a lot to see Delonte go down with the broken wrist, but in the NBA, it’s always go time, so we can’t lose our focus when something like that happens.

This team has a lot of confidence in each other. We feel like we can beat anybody regardless of who we put out there and in the meantime other guys will get playing time. And we’ll be that much better once we get back to full strength. For now and forever, the main thing is defense. That’s where it starts and ends. If we take care of our defense first, then our offense will come, and the rest will take care of itself.

But we have a long way to go. We’ve been playing well and everything, but there’s room for improvement for sure. We’re just taking it one game at a time, trying to get better as a team and keeping our eyes on the prize. Banner 18!

Growing up and being from LA, well of course I had different allegiances and liked my teams. But I’ve been in Boston for a while now and in my time here I’ve really come to appreciate the teams. At this point I can def say I’m a Bostonian.

And the fans here, you guys are just crazy. Passionate about your teams. Knowledgeable too. No question you guys know your stuff. And there’s no better fans that I’ve seen anywhere in the league. You guys are just into it.

Oh, you’ll get on someone for sure if you don’t think they’re putting in the right effort, or aren’t playing as a team or giving it the effort. I’ve seen that before. You got to earn support in this town. And that’s as it should be. As a competitor you wouldn’t want it any other way and that’s why we appreciate how much you back us and are in our corner even that much more. Otherwise it just wouldn’t be real. Come playoff time, ya’ll make the Garden a special place to play and a real tough place for opponents to come into. So thanks for that, it really does make a difference.

And make sure you stop and pay attention to how good we have it in Boston. There’s no better time to be a sports fan here.

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Paul Pierce is the captain of the Boston Celtics. Pierce has spent his entire career with the Celtics since being drafted in 1998 out of Kansas, and led them to their 17th NBA Championship in 2008, when he was the NBA Finals MVP. More »

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