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Exercise like the pros do

Posted by Matt Pepin, Staff  April 21, 2011 08:26 AM

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Alright, itís that time of the week again ó you know, when we put on the sneakers and get our sweat on! We just posted my new fitness video ó embedded in this blog ó so I hope youíre ready to get moviní. Itís part of my Truth on Health Campaign to get kids healthier by exercising and eating right.

In this video, weíre doing exercises that pro basketball players do every day, both in practice and when itís game time. Letís start by breaking into a defensive stance. This is the position you get in to block your opponent from the hoop. You always gotta protect your home court! This move gives us a lower center of gravity and makes it harder to put us off balance. Squat down, stick your arms out, and hover there. Keep your back flat and your eyes up Ė you always need to be alert. See how long you can stay in that position, then rest and repeat. Itís a great workout for your thighs, and the lower you can get, the better. Next, letís dribble in place. Pretend youíre picking up a basketball from the rack, then dribble in place. Stay low, like you just did in your defensive stance, and dribble between your legs.

Once youíve got that down, try the speed dribble. Switch the imaginary ball to your other hand, start dribbling, and run in place. This is how I do it when Iím pushin' the ball up the court toward the basket so those other guys canít catch me. This is a speed dribble, and itís really important to keep your eyes up and stay on your toes Ė you gotta be sneaky.

Now letís try passing the ball. Lunge forward and pass that ball with your arms stretched out in front of you. Put your dominant foot forward, tighten those abs, and shove that ball! Try a straight pass, a bounce pass, and right side pass. Mix it up like we do every day on the court Ė maybe even try a behind-the-back pass if youíre feeling good. To finish off, jump up in the air and do a 360 spin. This will test your balance and agility. Itís easy to get dizzy with all that back and forth on the court, so balance is key. And we all know getting some air is a must in b-ball, but jumping is also a great way to strengthen your legs and challenge yourself. Using basketball moves are just one way to get fit, but you donít have to be a pro to work out like one.

Check out the full video on Comcast On Demand. Just select the Get Local category from the On Demand menu, then choose NBA TV, Boston Celtics, and Paul Pierce's FitClub34, and then get outside and get movin! You can also check out my website,, for some more exercise tips. Remember to check back every week for my new video.

175x60piercelogo.jpgPaul Pierce's Truth on Health campaign empowers and encourages young people to lead healthier lives by providing them with the information, resources, and tools necessary to become more active and physically fit. To learn more, visit

Follow Paul Pierce on Twitter @PaulPierce34 and @TruthonHealth and on Facebook at

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About the author

Paul Pierce is the captain of the Boston Celtics. Pierce has spent his entire career with the Celtics since being drafted in 1998 out of Kansas, and led them to their 17th NBA Championship in 2008, when he was the NBA Finals MVP. More »

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