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Get fit with me and SI SportsKids

Posted by Zuri Berry, Staff  August 19, 2011 03:01 PM

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I know yaíll donít want to admit that summer is coming to an end, but itís the truth. No need to worry though thereís still plenty of ways to enjoy the warm weather for the next month or so and it really doesnít get too cold out until November, so still plenty of time to be active outdoors. Outside and being active, and having fun while youíre doing it Ė thatís what I try to get kids and families to understand through my Truth on Health Campaign and some of my friends who support the Truth Fund, like Sports Illustrated and SI Kids.

Outdoor activities in the summer are pretty much endless, so no excuses that you get bored cooped up in the gym Ėnot gonna fly with me! Running, jumping, baseball, football, basketball are all great summer activities. (Iím lucky enough to have an outdoor court at my house, so I play a lot of outdoor ball.) Iím no McEnroe, but I know tennis is another good one, and golf, too Ė something Iím continuing to work on Ė but more on that later. When itís summertime, itís all about being outside and using whatís around you to have fun. Even just a walk at night with your kids to the mailbox is better than nothing. The summer is great because thereís more daylight Ė and as we all know, we will sure miss that once we hit winter in New England.

Another one of my favorite summer activities besides hoops is swimming and running around on the beach with my family. Playing with my kids on the beach is a lot like basketball Ė I know Iíll never get tired of it. We play Frisbee, run in the waves, toss a ball around, anything to just enjoy the time by the ocean. I love being active with my kids because I know that Iím setting a good example for them. Thatís what I try to do through my Truth on Health Campaign, too. I think one of the worst things for kids is getting into bad habits. Itís real important for parents out there to be active and set the example for their kids so they develop healthy habits at a young age. That way, theyíll hopefully stick to Ďem for their whole lives.

Now that youíve heard me preaching about the importance of eating healthy and staying active, I want to share a really cool opportunity with yíall. This summer Iíve been helping SI Kids find a young athlete who is already ahead of the game for their SportsKid of the Year. SportsKid is basically the youth version of the Sports Illustrated Sportsman of the Year. The winner appears on the December cover of SI Kids (hey, Iíve only been on the cover of SI Kids once and that was with KG and Ray!). The kids that win also get honored at the SI Sportsman Ceremony in New York City.

Weíre taking nominations right now, just click here. The editors at SI Kids will pick finalists and open it up for voting on this fall. Now I know what youíre thinking: the winner is going to be some ridiculous, 10-time world champion. Does the SportsKid have to be a good athlete? Well, yes. But getting good grades, helping out in the community and just being an all-around good person will count just as much as the on-the-field stuff. If you have someone in mindóyour son or daughter, maybe one of their friends, or a kid youíve had a chance to coachógo nominate íem. Or, if youíre 7-15 years old and want to nominate yourself, thatís cool, too! Past winners have been hockey players, tennis players, BMX riders, football players, you name it Ė itís game.

Iíve been haviní some fun with the SportsKid search - check out this video we shot. I made that winnerís jacket look good! Nominations close August 26, so donít miss your chance by visiting the SportsKid of the Year site. Now go break a sweat!

175x60piercelogo.jpgPaul Pierce's Truth on Health campaign empowers and encourages young people to lead healthier lives by providing them with the information, resources, and tools necessary to become more active and physically fit. To learn more, visit

Follow Paul Pierce on Twitter @PaulPierce34 and @TruthonHealth and on Facebook at

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