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MBTA shakeups, and a nice surprise for commuter rail riders

Posted by Nichole Davis June 29, 2012 12:00 AM

Hello again!

It's Friday, and I, for one, am looking forward to the weekend. Lots going on around the city, including the Tall Ships festival and various other happenings! I'll be in and out of town this weekend, and spending lots of time in front of the AC again, as I'm sure you will ...

There's plenty of shakeups happening in the next few days when it comes to the MBTA. I've got schedule and service changes under the cut, some great news for commuter rail riders, and also where you'll find brake lights for ongoing construction ... so let's dive in.


Another question tackled, and transportation tidbits

Posted by Nichole Davis June 27, 2012 11:18 PM

Hello again! Back at it this evening ... there's lots of news this week about the T to discuss. I've also been able to get an answer to another of your questions (this one regarding the commuter rail). And, on top of that (!) I've got a list of areas to avoid if you want to park during the upcoming holiday celebrations around town.

Let's get to it. First, the mailbag...


Route 1 woes, a Presidential stop, and a looming increase

Posted by Nichole Davis June 25, 2012 12:00 AM

Happy Monday, all! (If there is such a thing..!)

Iíve got a couple of questions answered for you today, with a few more on the way for later this week. For now, though, letís get right into the mailbag and see what weíve got.


Slowdowns for the week ahead, and a surprise

Posted by Nichole Davis June 22, 2012 01:13 AM

Happy Friday to you! Hope you have some great weekend plans in store. I, for one, know that I will continue to stick in front of the air conditioning... at least for a while ...

Don't forget - Monday I'll get to your questions, and I have a LOT of them to answer! Thanks for all the input. I'm working on finding answers to as many as I can.

Let's get into it...


Transportation tidbits

Posted by Nichole Davis June 20, 2012 01:40 PM

Hello to you, again, from a sweltering downtown Boston... hope you're keeping the water and air conditioners handy; I know I am.

Just passing along a few headlines...


Problematic painting, and app queries

Posted by Nichole Davis June 18, 2012 12:11 AM

Hello again - I hope you had a good weekend and didn't have to sit in too many delays coming home from either Bike Week, the Cape, work, or a cookout!

Let's jump right into the mailbag. You can submit your own question using the form to the right.


The usual (construction) suspects

Posted by Nichole Davis June 15, 2012 01:24 PM

Hello again! Thanks for all your feedback on the Cape traffic entry. Can't wait to hear your questions for Monday - be sure to send them in using the "Submit" box to the right.

Let's take a look at what's planned for MBTA and roadside construction over the next week...


An introduction, and a Cape caper

Posted by Nichole Davis June 11, 2012 02:56 PM


Iím Nichole, and this is my first entry for you on ďRoads and RailsĒ. If you hadnít guessed, Iíll be discussing commuter issues that affect you daily on your rides to and from home, however you decide to do it (within reason - I canít help you if you parasail in or take a hot air balloon - thatíll be something for the FAA to advise on).

Who am I? Iím a local traffic reporter and news anchor who is also a transit geek. Iím New England born and raised (go Sox!) and back in Boston after years of doing the radio thing in various area markets, including Portland, Manchester/Portsmouth, and Hartford.

Admittedly, this is my first time professionally blogging, but Iím excited and I canít wait to have your feedback and thoughts about all things commuting. Watch for posts every Monday, when Iíll answer your commuting questions, and Fridays, when Iíll have all the latest information on road construction, detours, new projects, and more. Drop me a line anytime by using the form over in the right column.

Speaking of, let's get started ...


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Nichole Davis is a Boston-based traffic reporter and news anchor. Sheís been seen and heard on television and radio airwaves across New England since 2003, providing commuters with all the More »

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