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All the info you need to know for Hurricane Sandy

Posted by Nichole Davis October 28, 2012 05:09 PM

Here is your need-to-know Hurricane Sandy post - at least when it comes to transportation here in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

Behind the cut there's information on subway, commuter rail, Amtrak, road closures, construction -- you name it. I will try to update this post with information as it comes in, but you should absolutely follow the local news outlets for the latest information.

Please be careful with this storm -- I know that it's hard to take it seriously when you live inland, and there has been quite a bit of hype, but it's looking like this will actually be a pretty significant situation and will leave problems for days in its path.

I'll be back later on this week. Stay safe!


An Expressway inquiry, and recognition of the hurricane

Posted by Nichole Davis October 26, 2012 02:21 PM

Heading into the pre-Sandy weekend, I have a question from a loyal reader, Brian, about a situation that he (and plenty of others) encounter on the Expressway. Also, we'll talk about preliminary Hurricane Sandy info, and I've got your usual weekend MBTA diversions and out of town construction planned for the week ahead.

Now, keep in mind that, because of Sandy, some of this construction might not actually go on as planned, especially Monday through Wednesday. You could still see some work areas set up, though, and that could slow you down a bit.

(Soggily) back next week with a gripe about the Tobin Bridge and more transportation fun, along with more Sandy details, if I can get them in before she shows up. Stay safe!


Curious successor questions, and downtown slow spots

Posted by Nichole Davis October 23, 2012 12:28 AM

Hope you had a wonderful weekend, and are set to enjoy the upcoming week of glorious weather -- I know I am. Maybe a good time to get out there and explore to a place you haven't seen before? It doesn't have to be an intense undertaking, like that couple who recently announced they'd visited every town and city in Massachusetts. (Although, I will say, that sounds pretty fun.)

Anyway, I've received several detailed and quality questions from some of you, and I'm thankful for them! I am working hard to get answers -- I hope to get a couple published later this week. Keep them coming!

Today I've got your usual downtown construction list, and a couple MBTA-centric stories, including an investigation by WBZ that could raise some eyebrows about the incoming manager of the MBTA. Check it out below the cut.


A weekday win for Worcester commuters, and a cheaper ride for Mainers

Posted by Nichole Davis October 19, 2012 01:38 PM

Greetings to you -- another weekend is on the way. With that, I've got an extended list of construction and MBTA diversions you'll get to look forward to. Keep in mind, if you're a Blue Line rider, you'll see an unusual shutdown on Sunday morning ... that's because MBTA crews are going to be taking part in an emergency drill. There's more on that under the cut.

Also, some good news for those who live in Worcester and prefer to take the commuter rail into the city... and for you Maine readers, some REALLY good news if you drive the Turnpike on almost a daily basis.

A thought I had the other day -- don't forget to grab an ice scraper and throw it into your car. You know, just to have it. We're getting to that time of year ... and we've already had the first frost ... it's a matter of time before that becomes commonplace! (Okay, I know, I've jinxed myself here. But still..!)


A somewhat harsh river road reminder, and an Expressway avoidance

Posted by Nichole Davis October 15, 2012 12:43 AM

While we, thankfully, don't have much snow to worry about, this past weekend gave us a bit of a taste of winter, for sure! Friday night was downright chilly. Might be time to consider getting out that ice scraper, road salt for your driveway, and (if you live in Boston), your beaten up traffic cone / porch table / large bucket / other parking-space-saving object... that snow's coming soon enough, mark my words!

Today's entry discusses a continuing problem on the river roads (I'm sure you already know what I'm referring to, if you're a local resident) ... there's also a big construction closure scheduled for the Expressway on Tuesday night, so there's details inside about that. Also, there's a story about a close call at Kendall on the Red Line this past weekend, and your usual construction detours are included for your downtown drives.


A Route 24 update, and keeping those teens in line

Posted by Nichole Davis October 12, 2012 12:53 AM

Can you believe it's been three months since that horrible few weeks of deadly crashes on Route 24? State Police met with reporters earlier this week, and the results of their increased patrols are behind the cut. If you're heading out leaf-peeping, there's a list of construction spots you may run into... and, of course, all your MBTA slowdowns.

As always, if you've got ideas or questions, toss 'em over to commuting boston at gmail dot com -- that form on the right of your screen should be working again, too -- thanks to the readers who wrote in to let me know something was up with it. :-)


Off the rails (literally), and an Orange Line miffing

Posted by Nichole Davis October 8, 2012 11:08 PM

Back from the extended weekend! With any luck you were able to get some rest. I was too busy stuffing myself with fried things at fairs and elsewhere to consider that...!

Down to business. Today I've got a question from Maryanne, who had a misleading experience on the Orange Line and wants answers. I've also got details on today's E line snafu, and construction on the downtown roads.

FYI: keep in mind that if you (like me) normally take Storrow Drive westbound out of the downtown to head home or wherever, you may want to consider Memorial Drive for the next few months, as they're going to be working to replace the Storrow Tunnel and doing other work around the Longfellow. The westbound stretch between Leverett Circle and the Hatch Shell will be closed weeknights from 9 PM to 5 AM.


Columbus Day weekend traffic capers, and CharlieCard updates

Posted by Nichole Davis October 5, 2012 12:25 PM

It's the holiday weekend! I hope you enjoy fair-going, relaxing, or doing whatever it is you have planned. Perhaps a final push to the Cape? While writing this, I'm already noticing a bit of a backup there. It'll be like summer all over again... minus the whole "hot" thing.

Anyway, in today's entry, I have some news from the MBTA about CharlieCard availability... a very important traffic note for anyone driving 93 northbound this weekend (starting tonight!) ... and, of course, Columbus Day MBTA schedules and usual construction.


Groceries on the go, and a perilously perched pup

Posted by Nichole Davis October 2, 2012 12:52 PM

Hope your weekend was a nice one, despite the consistent deluges of rain. Today's entry's jam packed with not only the usual downtown construction, but an animal story (because, really, who doesn't like those) and some new info on Amtrak and MBCR commutes.

I've received a couple questions in the past day or so that I'm working on, but as always, if there's anything you want to know, drop me a line at at gmail dot com.


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