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    A Song Of Ice And Fire series


    I just finished the third book (A Storm Of Swords), so I appreciate no spoilers from the remaining books, please.

    Despite the length, I've found them quick reads.  And I'm not known as a very quick reader.  After reading the first three books nearly in a row, I took a break and am trying to decide how well I like them.

    Not terrible, but not terribly great, either.  Some very interesting characters, and then thousands of others (not Others!) who blur together into a medieval panoply.  Still trying to determine if more is less in this case.





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    Re: A Song Of Ice And Fire series

    In response to WhatDoYouWantNow's comment:

    Since I respect your opinion on a number of things.....

    What is the prose like? My wife seems to frown at it, but she still seems to love the books.


    I haven't read them or watched the show based on them. I have a very hard time reading a book if the prose is poor, wooden, or generally inartful (Dan Brown's works often being all).


    Though, I can really get into an author even if he isn't a master of words if he can at least craft the work well ......        or knows it, says it of himself, but still makes it work (ie, Vonnegut)

    Each chapter is told from the POV of one of the primary characters, although their number and identity change as the narrative moves along.  The plotlines intersect somewhat, but there are three main stories mixed in with various actions, motivations and stories.

    The prose is highly descriptive in terms of people...much less so in terms of places.  Clothing gets a lot of treatment, but then there are so very many minor and supporting characters that these details often blur together.  (I often chuckle at the exhaustive use of armory jargon.)

    I think, if you like any kind of medieval fantasy or swords n' sandals epic, then you may like it.  The fight scenes are well-rendered.  The political intrigue is also well-done, and the dialogue can be very witty and poignant despite itself.  There's very little sorcery here and more of the drudgery, violence and misery of a feudal existence.

    I've decided to keep calm and carry on with the series for its own sake and mine.  Like I said...not terrible, but not ground-breaking, either.