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    Local Authors

    The New England area boasts a wealth of what could be considered "local authors" including poets. Do you have a favorite? Besides the obvious Hawthorne, Emerson, Whittier and Frost, my favorites include Edna St. Vincent Mallay, Andre Dubus II, Brunonia Barry and Andre Dubus III.
    I had the pleasure of meeting Andres Dubus III this past Sunday and he is seriously a "rock star" in the world of literature. He is engaging, interesting and friendly. His books, which include the House of Sand and Fog, The Garden of Last Days, The Cage Keeper and , my personal favorite, The Bluesman. He is on tour promoting his most recent release , The Townie, a memoir. Those who live in the Merrimack Valley area have no doubt heard of it as it has been mentioned in the news a couple of times due to some controversial remarks by Haverhill's mayor.
    One of the bonuses of reading works by local authors is the ability to recognize and make less abstract places referred to in the books. I haven't started the Townie yet, but in the Bluesman for example, when he refers to Malden Mills..I have a solid picture of Malden Mills since I know it well. When he refers to hanging out near the pylons under the club at Salisbury, I can well picture that.

    So who is your favorite local author?
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    Re: Local Authors

    I am reading    "Just Like Someone Without Mental Illness Only More So"      by Mark Vonnegut,         It's a memoir and has some interesting observations about medical care.  He is a practicing pediatrician in Massachusetts.
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    Re: Local Authors

    Ralph Waldo Emerson

    Goerge V. Higgins....The Friends of Eddie Coyle and numerous cop books.
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    Re: Local Authors

    Robert Parker is the obvious one in terms of local author, local setting.

    Henry James -- who wrote The Bostonians -- I don't think you mentioned him, miscricket?

    There's also Roland Merullo, perhaps best known for Breakfast with Buddha, who has a series of books set in Revere (Revere Beach Boulevard; In Revere, In Those Days).  Plus A Little Love Story, which is set in Boston.

    There's Tinkers by Paul Harding, the book which won the Pulitzer, which is set in the north shore.

    Cleveland Amory set books in Boston -- The Proper Bostonians comes to mind.

    Linda Barnes -- detective fiction set in Boston.

    Jean Stafford, who wrote Boston Adventure.

    There are loads more, but these are just books or authors that I've actually read and that came to mind.