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    Re: The 100 essential New England books


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    Re: The 100 essential New England books

    In Response to Re: The 100 essential New England books:
    It's really, really stupid to lump children's books and adults' books together in a list of this sort.
    Posted by rhickok1109

    I politely disagree!  It's "books about New England" that this list is about.  The "Ducklings" books belongs on the list as would "Keep the Lights Burning, Abbie", about lighthouse herione Abbie Burgess.
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    Re: The 100 essential New England books

    I thought it was really weird that you described Edith Wharton as having lived in Newport as a girl rather than as a resident of Lenox, Mass., which is where Ethan Frome was set.  That said, this was a great list and it also reminded me of some books I'd like to read.

    What would I add?
    Laurel Thatcher Ulrich's The Midwife's Tale
    Stephen Nissenbaum and Paul Boyer's Salem Possessed
    Carolyn Chute's The Beans of Egypt, Maine
    Sarah Orne Jewett's The Country of the Pointed Firs
    Nathaniel Hawthorne's The House of the Seven Gables
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    Re: The 100 essential New England books

    A True Story of Race is great ,you can read it

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    Re: The 100 essential New England books

    CITIZEN SOMERVILLE: Growing Up With The Winter Hill Gang by Bobby Martini and Elayne Keratsis is a new twist on an old tale. It is a memoir of life in the burg of Somerville from the sixties to the present. 
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    Re: The 100 essential New England books

    Don't know if this has been posted before (sorry, have a terrible memory) - the quintessential New England book:


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    Re: The 100 essential New England books


     Haven't been able to read all past posts...but that said let me endorse Henry Brestons, " The Outermost House", simply amazing,.... EB Whites essays, " One Mans Meat"..., anything by W.D. Wetherell, musings on life, fly-fishing and Vermont... Kerouac,....enuf said, as well as  the obscure beat poet John Weiners who is from my hometown of Milton, Ma and like me attended BC. Weiners was however shunned because he was gay (1950 -1960's Boston).......

    Read Andre Dubus III," Townie"....

    Read also anything ever written by Edgar Rowe Snow, Nathaniel Hawthorn, Robert McColskey, Thoreau (Walden, & Cape Cod etc....)


    Round it out with works by John Irving and Stephen King.

    I know that I have overlooked many that are deserving, but this is a start.