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    Re: What are you reading? (2009 edition)

    Also just finished an anthology of essays by famous writers about their influences and mentors: Mentors, Muses & Monsters: 30 Writers on the People Who Changed Their Lives.  Essays by Joyce Carol Oates, Jane Smiley, Anita Shreve,  Jonathan Safran Foer, Mary Gordon, and Boston writers Jay Cantor about Bernard Malamud, Margot Livesey, and Chris Castellani, who runs the fabulous writing center, Grub St.  This book is a big box of chocolates. Every time you bite into one, without knowing what's in it, it turns out to be delicious. I got it for Hanukah (thanks, R!), and I'm going to give it as Christmas presents.  
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    Re: What are you reading? (2009 edition)

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    Re: What are you reading? (2009 edition)

    Presently tearing through the brief book Down and Out in Paris and London (Orwell); interesting ....
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    Re: What are you reading? (2009 edition)

    Reading Policy Paradox. Deborah Stone. Highly suggest it.
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    Re: What are you reading? (2009 edition)

    had i ever said "A Thousand Splendid Suns "hah

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