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Have you ever met anyone famous?

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    Re: Have you ever met anyone famous?

    I dun met Ray Earl Buford, sheriff in Alabama-he advized me too moove on down the line orr git my heinie kicked.
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    Re: Have you ever met anyone famous?

    I met me once.  What a scary bahstahd.
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    Re: Have you ever met anyone famous?

    When I was younger, (7-10 yrs old), it was a thrill to meet Bobby Orr, Ken Hodge, etc.

    Through the years I've met several celebs and it's not a big deal at all.

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    Re: Have you ever met anyone famous?

    Eric Estrada, from the "chips." I met some Eagles Players and Allen Iverson. UMMM, Phylicia Rashaad, Cosby show mom.  The 69 boys....and President Clinton.
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    Re: Have you ever met anyone famous?

    I kinda of met Peter Gallagher. I was at the Celebrity hockey game that Denis Leary has for the Firefighters in worcester. I wasin 8th grade, and I lost my friend and her mom. I got freaked out, and started running. i wasn;t looking and i bumped into a guy and his food , drinks, everything flew up in the air. i screamed SORRY, and kept running. I thought he looked familiar, but all I saw was eyebrows, so I couldn;t really think of who it was. But apparenly my friend and her mom saw and told me that it was Peter Gallagher..

    And i have partied with Tully Banta-Cain. That guy is the man.
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    Re: Have you ever met anyone famous?

     I was fortunate to meet many celebrities, Met the Rolling Stones, Had dinner with Rod Stewart, Lunch with Yes, Drinks with Bon Jovi and got into a fistfight with Sebatian Bach for starters.

    In the early nineties I was a manager at the Sheraton Inn in Mansfield Ma. right next to Great Woods/Tweeter Ctr/Comcast Ctr whatever it is called today. Every act that played at Great Woods stayed at the Hotel and because of my position I got to meet many of the acts personally. It was a great time and from my recollections everyone was pretty nice the only people that really stood out as being real ^%holes were Motley Crue and the Stones. Got a chance to see dozens and dozens of free shows and you cannot believe the stuff people would do to find out what rooms their favorite artists were staying in, Money, Drugs, Propositions. I look back now and ask myself why didnt I take advantage of any of that.

    Great times
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    Re: Have you ever met anyone famous?

    I met Derek Jeter in Paris. nice man for a yankee. we didn't tell him we were from boston.. maybe he would have treated us differently.

    i also met michelle pfeiffer in an escalator at the ritz in boston. she's pretty & really nice. her kids are cute.

    Mark Ruffalo was also at the ritz that night.. we didnt meet him per se but he was close.

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    Re: Have you ever met anyone famous?

    In the late 70's, while climbing uphill on a wintery day, I saw this gorgeous guy with dark hair, no coat, walking downhill on the opposite side of the street.  As he got closer, I realized he was JFK Jr.  Stunned, I slipped and fell into a snow mound.  There I was, stuck- he laughed and kept going!  Have to admit, it was pretty funny!

    Years later, a fish out of water, I found myself at a charity fashion show.  Everyone was so snooty.  A beautiful, sad eyed Calvin Klein model noticed my discomfort, walked over and made small talk.  She was later to become his wife.  Odd encounters.    

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    Re: Have you ever met anyone famous?

    One time I showed up at a hotel in the middle of the night and there were 4 or 5 giants there.  I thought they were robbing the place.  Turned out they were wrestlers in town for a match. 

    Not being much of a WWF fan, I didn't know who any of them were but in figuring this out I ended up having a nice 10 minute conversation with one of them while his colleagues checked in.

    I found out later he was The Rock.  He was a really nice, personable guy.

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    Re: Have you ever met anyone famous?

    Since I worked in Manhattan for years, I saw a long list of celebs. My first was Julie Newmar who looked better in person than on TV, Al Pacino, John Candy, Joe Papp, Andy Rooney, who looked worse in person than on TV, Denzel Washington, Milton Berle, Danny Thomas, Henny Youngman, Howard Stern, Woody Allen and Mia Farrow, Bette Midler, a lot of the Saturday Night live cast over the years, I had dinner with Sue Simmons, ABC TV New York news anchor, and a handful of sports figures too. It was pretty easy to bump into celebrities in midtown Manhattan and in the Broadway area. I can't say I was ever really impressed by any of them.
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    Re: Have you ever met anyone famous?

    I saw a werewolf drinking a pina colada at Trader Vicks.

    No I didn't.
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    Re: Have you ever met anyone famous?

    I went with a friend to see Emerson students give a performance of a children's play and between we had five toddlers.  Navigating the stairs after the show was tricky, and somehow I ended up trying to corral four of the kids while getting them safely downstairs.  I was stressed, and knew we were holding up the rest of the audience trying to leave. 

    The nice man behind me offered to help, but I thought it might add to the kids confusion, so I declined and apologized for creating chaos.

    He just smiled and chatted with me all the way down, asking how I liked the play, etc.  Because he was dressed in black from head to toe, I assumed he was connected to the performance and gushed about it and the actors.

    We finally got to the bottom and I stepped aside with my gang so everyone could go by us.  The student at the bottom asked me if I knew who I had been talking to?  No.  Dan Aykroyd (Blues Brothers, SNL).  Nice guy.
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    Re: Have you ever met anyone famous?

    Most recently Dr. Oz, but over the years, Steven Tyler, Oil Can Boyd, Joe Orzi, Jo Jo White, Jerry Remy, Bob Cousey, Derek Sanderson, lots of local athletes, celtics practice in Waltham, Lots of local musicians over the years, members of Boston, Face to Face, SOS band, Jeff Pitchell, Aerosmith, Ernie Boch and the automatics, Gavin Rossdale (touched him) haha I am sure there are more.......
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    Re: Have you ever met anyone famous?

    Keith Richards backstage at a Robert Cray show. And got to hang out and drink Champagne with Eric Clapton at his after show party in Manhattan. Again, all due to the fact that my wife at the time was good friends with The Robert Cray Band. They opened the Clapton show.  Of course this was over 20 years ago.

    Met a few others, but after Clapton and Richards, does it really matter?
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    Re: Have you ever met anyone famous?

    Handing out pamphlets for a night club in NYC
    gave one to John and Yoko
    no one recognized them
    They were amazed
    they invited me for to a cafe for tea.

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    Re: Have you ever met anyone famous?

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    Re: Have you ever met anyone famous?

    I would have liked to see Angelina Jolie - but it did´nt happen....
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    Re: Have you ever met anyone famous?

     I've got a very long list of sports, tv, and movie celebrities I've met. James Doohan was the one I met most frequently (he loved attending the conventions) but some of the rarer celebs were Adrian Barboa, Nichell Nickols, Mark Hammel, and James Traung. 
     One of these days I'm going to have to sit down and organize all the signed stuff I have. 

     I've also played games against some celebs. I played Kill and also, Save Dr. Lucky with James Earnest, the person who created those games. I played Frag against it's creator. 
     One day, though, I played Apples to Apples with Orson Scott Card, and despite reservations on one topic, he's actually a very fun person. He also is the reason for my most embarising convention moment, which is a story for another thread. 

     Like I said, a long list of actor's, writers, sports figures, musicians, etc. 


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    Re: Have you ever met anyone famous?

    I have met several politicians in my life. The only one I was ever impressed with was Ed Koch. I met Bill Bradley last year on a flight to Austin, Texas. But hanging out in the East Village of NY in the mid 70's,  I did get to meet a number of the major punk starts before they hit it big.

    My two biggest meets are Keith Richards and Eric Clapton. 
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    Re: Have you ever met anyone famous?

    Mick Fleetwood in the Texas Schoolbook depository building in Dallas.(There's a museum there) Henry Kissinger near an elevator in the Capitol 1978. Begin from Isreal was visting. I saw him outside the Capitol. Larry Anderson who was traded for Jeff Bagwell in 90. I met him at Circuit City in Pa. He was a gentelman for a baseball player. He said Boston was the best baseball town he played in. Mayor Frank Rizzo coming back from Jimmy Carter's innaguaration in 1977. Jimmy Carter and Walter Mondale in 1989 at a Habitat for Humanity dinner. Ted Kennedy a few times. Ed Rendell I kind of Know. Richie Ashburn's children went to my high school so I met him a few times. I'm sure there are a few more...reporters etc... Oh Tommy Mennino before he was mayor. I met him at the same Habitat for Humanity dinner. Oh how can I forget John Lennon at the WFIL in Philly Helping Hand Marathon. Just shook his hand and got his autograph. I lost that autograph after I brought it to high school to show off. On my way home from school I put my books down. The wind blew the book open and the autograph blew away into a creek. I guess it's either in the Atlantic or the Delaware River. I regret that to this day. Oh forgot Dick Vitale at Notre Dame twice. (His daughters went there) I don't like him as a commentator but what a nice guy. Former Flyer Don Saleski. Waited on him where I work. He said he still beleives Bobby Orr was the greatest.