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    You have to see this. The 5 1/2 hr version (recommended) is free on
     Demand via the Sundance channel (assuming you have ComCast ). While the King's Speech is good (and a little overrated), this movie is far better; the best of the past several years, IMO. It is done in 6 languages (kudos to the actors, 
    especially Rodriguez) , is a biography and history lesson, and when they whiz around the world it doesn't have that plastic James Bond veneer. Great writing, directing and performances by even the minor characters; must have been high budget.

    Actually, it's more than 6 languages. The languages are French, German, Spanish, English, Arabic, Russian, Hungarian (difficult), & Japanese; often in mid-sentence. 

    Obviously, I'm a fan.
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    Re: Carlos

    i have watched it twice now,five and a half hours and it keeps your interest to the last minute. and, since it's based on a true story makes it all the better. at first i almost thought rodriguez was carlos,he is that good.