: GTA 5 takes you to Los Santos, along with beaches, countryside & hills that surround city, : It's unknown if the content will already be on the disc or available as a separate download, but it'll definitely be available at no charge : Never have felt less like film was selling me product & then left cinema more desperate to fill my house with. : To come along, and after a white-knuckle race, Pete is killed in a firey, car-flipping crash by Dino who rammed him off the road to make sure to win. : Hercules finds that in order for good to triumph and justice to prevail... he must again become the hero he once was... he must embrace his own myth... he must be Hercules. : One evening year, all crime - including murder - is legal for 12 hours. A man heads out into the chaos, intent on killing thugs as revenge for his son's death. : At extreme odds, Jonas knows that he must escape their world to protect them all - a challenge that no one has ever succeeded at before. : The average person seek shelter, while others run towards the vortex, testing how far a storm chaser will go for that once-in-a-lifetime shot.